P3 Theme

I’ve been using for long time the P2 theme for my old blog hosted on wordpress.com. There were so much beautiful things and customizations that you could add to this theme and the simplicity makes it very handy and easy to use.

But sometimes there were things that I would like to change about this theme like: width, header, shadow for the main body. All those changes that for some time will be implemented in a modified version of the p2 theme because I’m sure that are other people that need them, people who want more from their p2 theme.

Currently I’m developing new features as I need them in my daily blog use, but this can change if one of you come with good ideas. So as you can see the customized version of p2 theme called p2+ or p3  is running live on my blog.

Theme image on this blog

Description of P3

A group blog theme for short update messages. This theme is an optimized version for a very known theme named P2. Featuring: Hassle-free posting from the front page. Perfect for group blogging, or as a live blog theme. Dynamic page updates. Threaded comment display on the front page. In-line editing for posts and comments. Live tag suggestion based on previously used tags. A show/hide feature for comments, to keep things tidy. Real-time notifications when a new comment or update is posted. Super-handy keyboard shortcuts. Helvetica Neue for you modern font lovers.

version 1.1.4

  • added new sidebar widget: submenu
  • fixed image posting
  • fixed calendar styleing

version 1.1.3

  • new unbranded logo

version 1.1.2

  • new image resizer
  • fixed “new line” for comments or new posts
  • new unbranded logo

version 1.1.1

  • changed default logo image
  • changed footer text

version 1.1.0

  • add fullwidth page template (moved sidebars declaration inside content builder page eg. page.php, index.php)
  • new theme options menu (removed old options-page.php and replaced with option tree)
  • add support for featured image – timthumb resizer used for croping images
  • new google font used for website: Roboto and Roboto Condensed (used for headers)
  • added ability to hide sidebars independently

version 1.0.5 - dev only release

  • fixed Google Chrome comment issue
  • fixed need to reload page to see new submitted comment

version 1.0.4

  • fixed showing of main menu when activating custom header image
  • removed default bordering for images and tables (thanks @Eden for submitting this feature request)
  • fixed footer text
  • fixed background color when selecting *disolve * background type
  • new logo default image to avoid empty logo place holder after fresh install

version 1.0.3

  • Sanitizing input form user
  • using standard checked/selected functions
  • refactored custom header method

version 1.0.2

  • fixed wrong Ajax pop-ups

version 1.0.1

  • updated description information’s
  • posted new screenshot

version 1.0

  • new drop shadow for the main wrapper
  • modified theme width to 1024px since the main majority of the displays support these width
  • new logo image based on G+ style, with upload support in administration panel
  • a larger, approx 250px and without background sidebar
  • no more rounded buttons, they are from now on square
  • default color for header text is now changed to #6b6b6b
  • footer text is now centered
  • no more horizontal bar between content and navigation buttons (for older, newer posts)
  • slightly rounded edges for user images near to posts
  • a drop shadow effect
  • 2 sidebars: main sidebar, footer sidebar

Ideas to implement

  • add support for multipage template
  • add support for featured image
  • add a categories field to new post

Waiting your feedback comments!